Totem poles

4th Grade_archive

The fourth grade students created these totem poles entirely from recycled materials.  We received a donation of empty blue bell ice cream containers that became the basic structure. All of the appendages (wings, beaks, feet, etc)  were made from old cardboard boxes. Everything was held together by duct tape that was donated from our Day of Service earlier this year.  Finally, all of the paper used to cover the bodies and create the faces was reused bulletin board paper.

This was a three class project. We began by talking about totem poles and what animals are traditionally represented.  The students each chose their animal, and created a basic design.  For our second class, the students covered their ice cream containers with a solid color of paper and papier-mâché paste.  For our third class, they used their designs to add the details of the face and body.  The finished animals were stacked together using yard sticks. 



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