Chihuly Installation

For this project, the elementary students learned about artist Dale Chihuly.  We watched two short videos about his life as an artist, how he works, and what his inspirations are.  Then, they got to pass around a real piece of his glass to see how it looks and feels.  We used his macchia forms as our own inspiration for an installation on the ceiling of the classroom.  Each student received a large 10 gallon coffee filter.  They went wild with droppers of watered down tempera paint until their filters were saturated.  The material allowed for the colors to blend and bleed together, creating a similar effect to that of Chihuly’s blown glass.  After drying, they were hung from the ceiling with T-pins.

FullSizeRender glass IMG_7991 IMG_7992 IMG_8012 IMG_8021 IMG_8042 IMG_8168 IMG_8169 IMG_8245



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